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Guitar Legend DICK DALE, The Hot Toddies



The Uptown Nightclub
1928 Telegraph Ave
Oakland, CA 94612 United States
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Guitar legend DICK DALE returns to The Uptown Nightclub!


Saturday, October 14

Dick Dale

The Hot Toddies

Doors 8PM | Show 9PM | 21+

Dick Dale

Legendary instrumental guitarist and musical innovator Dick Dale pushed the limits in terms of both technical stylings of guitar playing and of electric amplification technology, helping to develop new equipment that was capable of producing the thick, clearly defined tones he sought, at the previously undreamed-of volumes his playing demanded. He experimented with reverberation and utilized custom-made Fender amplifiers, including the first-ever 100-watt amp. He is credited with introducing the use of reverb and his staccato picking technique became his trademark.

Influenced in part by the jungle drum rhythms of jazz great Gene Krupa, Dick Dale created his own genre of music in 1955, and is widely considered one of rock and pop music’s most technically gifted musicians. His innovative style has influenced countless artists spanning from the 1950s until today; including Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen, The Beach Boys, The Ventures, Jeff Beck, The Cramps, and La Luz.

Dick Dale was the first rock guitarist to appear on the Ed Sullivan show in 1963, the same year  he became the first rock guitarist to be featured in a double page layout in Life Magazine. His music has appeared in numerous films, including Pulp Fiction, Escape From LA, Space Jam, Barbed Wire, American Vampire, and Jesus’s Son, to name a few.

Dale’s style and how he wanted his guitar to sound pushed the industry to make new and better equipment which we now take for granted. Dale kept blowing up amps until Leo Fender went to one of his shows and realized what Dale had been asking for. As a result, a special 85-watt output transformer was made that peaked at 100 watts. This in turn necessitated a speaker that could handle that power without blowing up from the thick sound coming out of Dale’s guitar. Leo went with Dale to the James B. Lansing loudspeaker company. What came out of that meeting was the 15″ JBL D130F loudspeaker. Dale thus broke through the electronic barriers of his time and could play the music as he wanted it to sound.

Fender still makes a signature guitar for Dale called the Dick Dale Custom Shop Stratocaster, which is fitted with “Custom Shop ’54” pickups. And Dale continues to play with his original unit dating from the early 1960’s. He also continues to string his left-handed guitar upside down.

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The Hot Toddies

The Hot Toddies, an all-girl band from Oakland, CA mix sunny beach pop, indie rock riffs and a dry sense of humor. Heidi, Erin and Sylvia are best friends who have been playing music, drinking whiskey and writing songs together since 2005. They’ve toured across the US, Canada and the UK in support of their 2 albums “Smell the Mitten” and “Get Your Heart On” out on Asian Man Records. Their latest EP “Bottoms Up” was released on Tricycle Records in Feb 2013.

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